Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not in The Mood.

I know I haven't updated this in a while but, describing a trainer ride or transposing my gym log onto the computer hasn't been my current mood. I have better things to do with my time. Something just don't need to be stated, but be rest assured my time hasn't been wasted. I just haven't felt like typing. I think it is better to live life then to narrate it, how can you be in the moment if you are concerned about documenting it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 18, Workout

3x20 BWS
3x10 Jump Squat
2x5 Tuck Jump
4x5 Knee Jump
Then: Drop Snatch:
2x4 @ 45#
2x4 @ 75#
Then Power Snatch:
6x3 @ 105#(work on speed)
3x (1x Snatch + 3x OHS @ 105#)
2x (1x Snatch + 1x OHS @ 125#)
5x (1x Snatch + 3x OHS @ 115#)
Then 5 Rounds of:
6x TGU(3 each side) + 60 sec Plank (feet on BOSU)

Later: 2 Hour Road Ride 35+ miles, mostly zone 2 with 2 x 10min tempo pace. The air temp today was about 40F but the wind was just bone chilling making the ride feel more epic than it really was. Belgium knee warmers, fleece knickers and thermal jersey helped but I wish I would have worn by beanie and rain cape.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec 17, Workout

2x30 yrd Lunge
4x15 yrd O.H. Lunge w/ 35# db
4x10 Goblet Squat @50# kb
Then F.S.:
2x8 @115#
2x5 @135#
2x3 @165#
4x15 @95#
Then 5 Rounds of:
15x OHS@45# +15 yrd Sprint

Later 1.5 hr Road Ride @ recovery/endurance pace. (Batteries in computer died so no numbers)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec 15, Workout

A.M. Workout: Strength
3x20 BWS
3x10 JS
4x10 Goblet Squat (2@53#;2@70#)
Then : 5 Rounds of:
10x Vertimax Squat Jumps w/ Both Bands +
15 B. Squats @ 115# +
10 KBS@53#
rest 1-2 min between Rounds
Then: Single Leg DL:
4x4 @ 135#

Later: Road Ride 2 Hours, 35+ Miles, 1200'+ E.G., mostly Zone 2. Cold and a little windy but outside is almost always better than the trainer.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 14, Workout

3x10 BWS
3x10 SD
4x 30 yrd Lunge

Then: P.C.

Then Farmer Carry 4x 30Yrd @2x80#

Then: Jerk
5@ 115#

Then C&J Practice working on low catch and speed.

later 40 mile Road Ride. Mostly Zone 2 w/ 30 min Zone 3. 2 Hours 15 min.

dec 13, Workout

This workout was done yesterday at work, nothing real special just a basic strength workout.

3 Rounds of:
8x s.d.
8x Pullups
8x OHS @45#
8x Dips
8x Situps
8x Pushups
8x D.L. @135#

3x(3x P.C.+ 3x F.S.+ 3x P.J.) @ 115#

Then: F.S.
2x6 @135#
2x2 @165#
6x1 @185#

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec 11, Workout

3x20 BWS
2x10 JS
2x5 TJ
Circuit: Tag team 4 Rounds of :
P1: Goblet Squats@50#kb
P2: KBS @50#
P3: Rack Hold 2x50#db
P4: 15 yrd Bear Crawl with db of players choosing+ 15 yrd Farmer Carry.
Player switch stations after Bear Crawl/Farmmer Carry completed.
Then 3x3 TGU
This workout contained a lot of teaching because today was Damian & Kelly's first day in the Gym. So a lot of the movements had to be learned. I do enjoy teaching which has been a suprise to me. The next part of my workout was a Snatch specific workout Tony developed and wanted me to try:
4x4 OHS @95#
4x4 Drop Snatch @ 45,65,75,95#(I am still working on this movement)
4x3 Snatch + OHS @ 95 #
4x2 Snatch @ 115#
3 rounds of 8x Good Morning @ 95# + 12 GHD Sit Ups.

I am definitely aware of my shoulders after that fun.

Ride the Trainer 80 min @ Long Endurance pace.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dec 9, Workout

Lunge 4x(15 yrd forwards+15 yrd Backwards)
4x 15 yrd 1 hand OH Lunge w/25# db
then: OHS
10 @45, 3x6 @ 75, 3x3 @ 95.
Then: 6 Rounds of:
3 x D.L. @ 255#+
5 x F.S. @ 135#+
10 Vertimax J.S. both bands.

It the middle of todays workout I ended up teaching the T.G.U. ,which was cool but not part of my plan, I ended up doing a few T.G.U. with everything from a KB, BB, and even a cup of water.

Later: Ride the trainer 75 min. Zone 2.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec 8, Workout

3x20 BWS
2x(1-5) Ladder of 1 Hand Snatch each @ 50# db + Pullup
Then: 5 Rounds of :
4x each single leg D.L. @ 115# + 4 each Single Leg 18" Box Jump.
Then: 6 Rounds of:
10 x KBS @ 70# +
30 yrd Farmer Carry w/ 2x70# db +
10 x 30" Box Jump
Then: 5 Rounds of:
10x GHD Back Extensions +
10x GHD Sit Ups

Ride the Trainer 1 Hour 10 Min Endurance Pace. Watched Against Me! Live at the Key Club DVD. What a great fucking band.

Dec 7, Workout

Todays workout was done mare on a whim than anything. It was created by Dan John. I read it in his book "Never Let Go" and I have been meaning to try it but it wasn't really fitting into my plan. But nothing was going as planned so it seamed only appropriate.
5@ 95
This was a fun workout just doing the O lifts. I realize 6 foot tall skinny bike racers aren't designed to do the O lifts and I will never set any earth shattering records but I still like doing them.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bike Ride while friends Run a long way.

Today a froze my ass off while 7 of my friends ran a half Marathon. I left the house at 9am and the temp was still in single digits. I road out to the turn around point for the Rock Canyon Half Marathon. I watched my friends all run by looking very strong. 5 of the 7 today was their first half marathon and the other two this was a prep race for their first full marathon and they both set pr's. BRAVO!
After the race I road home and got on the trainer and defrosted my frozen feet. It was good to see people give it their all today. And to see the realization of hard training.

Dec 4, Workout

Warmup: 10 min Airdyne
Then: 3x10 SOHSP @20#s
Then F.S. 8@ 95#s
5x% @135#s
Then Drop Snatch Practice: 2x8 w/PVC, 2x6 Bar.
Then "The Exercise" 4@ 95#s
Then Single Leg D.L. : 5x5@115#s

This was an easy strength workout done @ work.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rolfing and trainer rides I don't know what is worse

I started this morning by getting Rolfed. For those of you who don't know what rolfing is, it is like being ran over very slowly by a truck repeatedly. So after that fun I went home ate and passed out.

Later, Much later:
Ride the Trainer: 75 min @ zone #2 with 5x8 min @ tempo.
Watched Social Distortion Live in Orange County DVD while on the trainer. The mental distraction of having something to watch instead of just staring at the wall does make riding a stationary bike almost tolerable. But even with a distraction I can usually only muster an hour to a hour and a half, at a certain point I can't stand being in sweat soaked bibs any longer. Hopefully the snow melts soon and I can ride outside soon, I can thug it out in the cold but snow and ice are just not compatible with 23mm tires.

I just got the No Friends s/t release on No Idea records. I like it alot. It has some of the guys from New Mexico Disaster Squad which I was a fan of. No friends isn't rewriting punk rule book, it is straight forward punk rock with an early 80's vibe(music from my childhood).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daily Workout 12-2-09

3x10 BWS
3x5 JS
4x10 Goblet Squats (2@53;2@70)
Then: 5x4 F.S. @155
Then: 6 Rounds of:
6 Lunges @135+
6 Split Jumps
Then Cool down: 6 Rounds of
6 TGU@40+
15 Yrd Bear Crawl

Ride the Trainer.
1 Hour 15+min zone #2