Thursday, September 15, 2011

Season review

This was my first year racing Master's A/ 35+ Cat3. It was educational to say the least. Learned a lot like racing in February sucks! I had no form and I got murdered! But I found out I could still hold my own in climbing courses and finished mid pack in rolling/flat parcours. I still suck at TT and crits and I vow to continue to work on them both.
So here are the facts:

Callville Bay Classic: Stage 1(RR)- 44th,
Stage 2(TT)- 39
Stage 3(RR)-28th
Stage 4(crit) -pulled
Haystack Mountain TTT- 3rd
Mad Cow Classic RR- 4th
Front Range Classic RR-27th
Deer Trail RR- 23rd
Iron Horse Classic 7th overall
RR- 6th
Rock the River RR- 17th
Dead Dog Classic GC-12th,
Horgan Hill Climb 7th
Porcupine Hill Climb 3rd
Capitol Reef Stage Race 7th on GC
Circuit Race-7th
RR- 5th
Mount Evans Hill Climb 2nd
Salida RR 14th
Lookout Mountain 22nd
UCI World Amateur Qualifier RR- 9th
So there it is. I know what I need to work on and I am coming up with my evil plan for next year.
I wrote a lot of Race reports but didn't publish many because they seamed in hindsight like bitching. I will try and publish more next year.