Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/21 Practice Crit

Practice Crit? It felt like a regular crit to me. Except we had a little more diversity it the group, but most of them were dropped after the first couple of laps. The tempo was fast but not insane but there are some sketchy riders in the group. I sat in the first part of the race because my legs were very sore from the squat fest a couple of days prior. About 2/3 of the race I started feeling a little better and went to thee front of the group and did some work. One can only suck so many wheels in a day. With about 3 laps to go I dropped back into the group to recover for a lap before the real fun started. I heard the sound of metal, carbon fiber and bodies colliding, the guy in front of me locked up his breaks so hard he smoked the back tire and it exploded! I saw three guys laying on the ground and one bike still tumbling end over end. This caused a break in the field and I was on the wrong end of it. I chased a little but when I saw the 2 laps togo sign I just sat up and cruised. The poor dudes who were in the wreck looked rough one looked as if the end of his nose had been abraded off! OUCH!!! All in all not a bad day of racing for me, I felt bad but road pretty well. Still need to work on some of my power issues but it is coming around.