Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rolfing and trainer rides I don't know what is worse

I started this morning by getting Rolfed. For those of you who don't know what rolfing is, it is like being ran over very slowly by a truck repeatedly. So after that fun I went home ate and passed out.

Later, Much later:
Ride the Trainer: 75 min @ zone #2 with 5x8 min @ tempo.
Watched Social Distortion Live in Orange County DVD while on the trainer. The mental distraction of having something to watch instead of just staring at the wall does make riding a stationary bike almost tolerable. But even with a distraction I can usually only muster an hour to a hour and a half, at a certain point I can't stand being in sweat soaked bibs any longer. Hopefully the snow melts soon and I can ride outside soon, I can thug it out in the cold but snow and ice are just not compatible with 23mm tires.

I just got the No Friends s/t release on No Idea records. I like it alot. It has some of the guys from New Mexico Disaster Squad which I was a fan of. No friends isn't rewriting punk rule book, it is straight forward punk rock with an early 80's vibe(music from my childhood).