Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bike Ride while friends Run a long way.

Today a froze my ass off while 7 of my friends ran a half Marathon. I left the house at 9am and the temp was still in single digits. I road out to the turn around point for the Rock Canyon Half Marathon. I watched my friends all run by looking very strong. 5 of the 7 today was their first half marathon and the other two this was a prep race for their first full marathon and they both set pr's. BRAVO!
After the race I road home and got on the trainer and defrosted my frozen feet. It was good to see people give it their all today. And to see the realization of hard training.

Dec 4, Workout

Warmup: 10 min Airdyne
Then: 3x10 SOHSP @20#s
Then F.S. 8@ 95#s
5x% @135#s
Then Drop Snatch Practice: 2x8 w/PVC, 2x6 Bar.
Then "The Exercise" 4@ 95#s
Then Single Leg D.L. : 5x5@115#s

This was an easy strength workout done @ work.