Sunday, February 27, 2011

OWTH pic from feb, 18th

Off with their Heads @ the black Sheep in Colorado Springs with The Gamits. Great fucking show! I know I should have posted this earlier but I suck at updating this shit. Plus; More Punk Rock less BullShit!

Callville Classic Crit

Today was my first crit race in a long time. I don’t really enjoy crits, I find them to be really stressful, and in general I just suck at them. For every crit I do OK in I get totally shelled in 5 of them.
Today I was pulled by the race referee just before I was going to be lapped by the field. It was a complete hammer fest, and I was most definitely the nail today. For the first 3 laps our speed rarely dropped below 30mph, and I was spinning out of my biggest gear on the short descent. On the start of the forth lap I was totally eating my stem, feeling doomed, Yo-Yoing off the back and I popped! I wanted to chase back on but the legs were having non of it. I didn't have any accelerations left in them.
It is always depressing to get pulled by the official, but there was nothing left to prove.
I have to remember it is February and I have just finished building by base, and yesterday’s stage showed me the engine is built, I just need to start tuning it. This weekend was a huge step in the right direction. Doesn’t mean that I am not disappointed with today’s performance. I know what I need to work on and the season is long.

Callville Classic Day 3

Today’s race was a classic spring classic race, rolling climbs, crazy wind, and pissing rain. The race started hard and fast with the first climb, but the pace eased up when no one got away. This ebb and flow would be the theme of the day, I don’t think anyone had the legs to make an attack stick. The wet, cold, and wind took the fight out of a lot of folks.
A guy went down right in front of me and in my effort to avoid him I went skidding into oncoming traffic almost getting ran over by a gold Saturn. I regrouped and chased but the pelaton was going full gas. I sat up waited for a few victims from crash and we chased to no avail. The rest of the day was more of the same; chase and catch the victims of the day.
I have a feeling many people abandoned do to the weather, but not this fool. I was colder than I have been in a long time, but I came for the hard, and I got it. The last 20 miles no one wanted to work, they just wanted to survive, I didn’t give a shit and their weakness made my moral improve, so I road at the front the lions share. The rain let up with about 7 miles to go and my spirit improved more. The sun was shining when we crossed the line. I felt that I had good legs today but a little shit luck, but thats bike racing!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Callville Classic Time Trial

Today's stage was a short TT more like a prologue than an actual TT. The course climbed 800+ feet in about 3.5 miles not supper steep but considering it had a couple of descents it was a challenging course. The thing that made today interesting was the 35+ mph tailwind. The choice of bikes was critical and I made the wrong choice. A TT bike with a solid disc wheel would have been the right choice, but on bad advice from the race director I went with my normal road bike (would have been a good choice on a calm day). All the fastest guys in my group were on their TT bikes, if fact the guy that won my class today would have also won in the Pro category.
Recover tonight and get ready for tomorrow's 70 mile fun. Hope it doesn't piss down rain.

Callville Suckfest Day 1

Yesterday’s race from start to finish was a complete suckfest! The race started with a short 4 mile climb that was supposed to be neutral, but without a follow car we road it hard! I was at threshold most of the little climb. After the “neutral” section we made a left turn into a cross head wind (35+mph Gusts with 20+sustained according to the weather channel) and the hammer fell. I have never road that fast in a road race not to mention into the wind. I was on the wrong side of the group and I knew I had to get to the other side of the pelaton to get out of the wind. So I floated to the back to try to get to the other side of the group. Not smart! Someone attacked off the front group and I had to chase back on. this scenario repeated several more times and I was dropped off the back. A few minutes later I joined a few others that had been dropped and we chased but didn’t work very well together. With about 10 miles to go we were all on our own. I took it easy the rest of the way in, conserving to fight another day.