Friday, February 25, 2011

Callville Classic Time Trial

Today's stage was a short TT more like a prologue than an actual TT. The course climbed 800+ feet in about 3.5 miles not supper steep but considering it had a couple of descents it was a challenging course. The thing that made today interesting was the 35+ mph tailwind. The choice of bikes was critical and I made the wrong choice. A TT bike with a solid disc wheel would have been the right choice, but on bad advice from the race director I went with my normal road bike (would have been a good choice on a calm day). All the fastest guys in my group were on their TT bikes, if fact the guy that won my class today would have also won in the Pro category.
Recover tonight and get ready for tomorrow's 70 mile fun. Hope it doesn't piss down rain.

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