Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec 11, Workout

3x20 BWS
2x10 JS
2x5 TJ
Circuit: Tag team 4 Rounds of :
P1: Goblet Squats@50#kb
P2: KBS @50#
P3: Rack Hold 2x50#db
P4: 15 yrd Bear Crawl with db of players choosing+ 15 yrd Farmer Carry.
Player switch stations after Bear Crawl/Farmmer Carry completed.
Then 3x3 TGU
This workout contained a lot of teaching because today was Damian & Kelly's first day in the Gym. So a lot of the movements had to be learned. I do enjoy teaching which has been a suprise to me. The next part of my workout was a Snatch specific workout Tony developed and wanted me to try:
4x4 OHS @95#
4x4 Drop Snatch @ 45,65,75,95#(I am still working on this movement)
4x3 Snatch + OHS @ 95 #
4x2 Snatch @ 115#
3 rounds of 8x Good Morning @ 95# + 12 GHD Sit Ups.

I am definitely aware of my shoulders after that fun.

Ride the Trainer 80 min @ Long Endurance pace.