Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 8, Training

2x (15 yrd Forward Lunge + 15 yrd Backwards Lunge)
4x 15 yrd 1 hand OH Lunge w/ 30# db
2x 30 yrd Farmer Carry w/ 12 10" hurdles w/ 2x70# dbs
Then: 6x3 "The Exercise" @95#
Then: 5x (1 Power clean + 2 each Lunge) @135#
Then: 5 Rounds of:
5x DL @ 255# + 10x Split Jumps

Today the playlist made it Possible I wasn't in the mood and the people in the gym were listen to top 40. (I'm not sure that is music, but I don't know what it is.) My playlist consisted mainly of Redemption 87 and A-18, For me nothing beets straight edge hard-core for the soundtrack of suffering.

Jan 7, Training

2x20 BWS
2x10 JS
2x5 TJ
3x5 KJ
Then: 6 way Barbell Complex 3 sets 65#, 75#, 95#
6x DL
6x Row
6x Hang Clean
6x FS
6x Push Press
6x BS
6x Push up
Then: Work up to heavy front Squat
Then: 5 Rounds of:
2x Fs@ 175# + 4x TJ
Then: 5x5 JS @ 65#
Later Ride the Trainer 1 hour 20 min w/ 30 min Zone 3.