Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 18, Workout

3x20 BWS
3x10 Jump Squat
2x5 Tuck Jump
4x5 Knee Jump
Then: Drop Snatch:
2x4 @ 45#
2x4 @ 75#
Then Power Snatch:
6x3 @ 105#(work on speed)
3x (1x Snatch + 3x OHS @ 105#)
2x (1x Snatch + 1x OHS @ 125#)
5x (1x Snatch + 3x OHS @ 115#)
Then 5 Rounds of:
6x TGU(3 each side) + 60 sec Plank (feet on BOSU)

Later: 2 Hour Road Ride 35+ miles, mostly zone 2 with 2 x 10min tempo pace. The air temp today was about 40F but the wind was just bone chilling making the ride feel more epic than it really was. Belgium knee warmers, fleece knickers and thermal jersey helped but I wish I would have worn by beanie and rain cape.

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