Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Ten Records of 2009

Everyone does this so I guess I'll do a top ten list. Plus it's way to cold outside to ride right now!
This list has no real order just 10 records I listened to a lot and were released in 2009. So here it is:
1) Nothington- Roads, Bridges & Ruins (BYO Records)
2)NOFX- Coaster (Fat records)
3)Yesterday's Ring- Diamonds in the ditch (Suburban Home)
4) Frank Turner- Poetry of the Deed (Epitaph)
5) Psyched to Die- Year One (Dirtnap Records)
6) Future of the Left- Travels with Myself and Another
7) Hatebreed- s/t (E1)
8) Dear Landlord- Dream Homes (No Idea records)
9) Teenage Bottle Rocket- They Came from the Shadows (Fat Records)
10) Gallows- Grey Britain (Reprise Records)

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