Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 4 training.

A.M. Strength:
Warm up: 2x20 BWS
4 Rounds of 15m Lunge +15m Bear Crawl
Then: 3x10 KBS 34#,53#,70#
Then: 6 Rounds of: 6(3 each) Step Up onto 18" box w/2x50# + 6 (3 each) Step Up and Hop on 10" box (lock out trailing leg so you don't use it)
Then: Clean 4x4 @ 95 # (work on low catch)
Then: Single leg box jump onto 10" box w/ 2x20# db
Then: Med ball toss and catch while standing on BOSU Ball.
Then: 4 Min of 30/30 Split jumps

Later: Road Ride @ test track
warm up than 10 mile Time trial for L.T. test.
then "cool down" with 19+ miles @zone 2.
Today I just wanted to test to see where i was w/ my base conditioning. I was almost exactly where I thought I would be. I question if this was just a self fulfilling prophesy or a valid test. I would never have someone test after a strength workout. When you are self coached you always have to be aware your coach just might be an idiot!

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