Monday, August 26, 2013

Everest Challenge Day 2

The best laid plans...
My plan today was to make the race hard from the word go. The block head wind  down  canyon down canyon block head wind made my tempo just hard on me, every one could just sit on me happy and sheltered. I was happy when a random guy attacked and the GC leader followed, I knew it was a fools move, but it did get some other folks animated. We chased the GC leader Up the second climb and his gap grew on us, his break away companion blew up sky high and was never to be seen again.
On the start of the final climb I attacked trying to get into the top 3. The little rollers and hot stagnate air sapped my strength and I was in a bad way. I ate a bunch of gel dumped the remnants of my water bottle on my head and started singing an old Slapshot song. I was no longer attacking but defending the ground I had.

Fininshed 5th on the road and 5th on GC. (double nickels on the dime)

*This was also a note sent to some a few feinds

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