Saturday, August 24, 2013

Everest Challenge Day 1

I’m not sure what to make of today. We started off crazy easy for the first few miles then we stopped and pissed, fucking casual... We started Up the first climb to South Lake and a big guy (this fellow makes Blevins look small) went to the front and proceeded to rip the legs off the Pelaton. At one point he got into the drops like Marco Pentani and proceeded to lay waste to the group never to be seen again. At this point I was on the back foot, sitting 9th on the road and well into the red zone. I got my shit back together and when on the hunt.I passed one guy on the Screaming descent. I caught another guy part way up the Pine Creek climb. On the final climb to Mosquito Flats I caught a waif of a climber near the base, he sat on me all the way up the climb(we also had the pleasure of fighting a block head wind), and he attacked w/ 500m to go and got a few seconds on me. I’m not surprised by this as he did no work in the wind and I was more concerned about time and didn’t really try to dispatch him (maybe a mistake but I was thinking about tomorrow and closing the gap to the top 5.

We will see if my thinking was correct.

The worst part of the day was the hot and windy ride back to the car. SUCKFEST!

*this was written as a note to a couple of friends

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