Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 Racing Recap

It's over. I finished racing for the year and it's time to refocus and rebuild. I still want to race and that is probably the best way to finish the year. I was planning on just posting a list of results and let the reader draw his or her own conclusions. But... I think that is boring and what if anyone is really that curious how I did in a particular race you know where to find the results.
My plan going into this year was to work on my weaknesses, I wanted to become a better bike racer no just a good climber. My disposition dictates I like climbing races, there is no strategies or tactics in a hill climb race. Just open your mouth and peddle hard. No though, just pain and discontent. So with that said, I entered most every race I could. Flat windy time trials, crits with only four turns and flat/rolling road races, if I could get away from work I raced. Except for one race in my town I have to drive a minimum of an hour to get to my next closest race.
The season started off looking like it was going to be a very long year. Guys the size of NFL linebackers were passing me in TTs, I was getting spit out the back of crits. I questioned my sanity for picking this path. I asked my self more than once "why are you doing this? Just enter races you are good at and fuck this other shit!" Thank god, I have good enouph friends to call me on my bullshit and help me maintain my resolve.
The road race at Air Force academy in the spring is when shit started to come together. The course is almost exactly the same as the 1986 World Championship course just much shorter. The climbs are just long enough to be decisive and I went in with the attitude of just making the group suffer on them. The plan kinda worked and I finished in 6th. Tactics not fitness were the limiting factor, which became the story of this year.
After AFA and a terrible start in Deer trail I realized I can't hide in the pack and just sit in. I need to be on/near the front so I feel like I racing, not just sitting in the middle of a big group ride hoping no one wrecks and knowing if someone attacks there is shit I can do cause I fifty assholes around me are trying to avoid work. This unwillingness to work became my pet peeve, I couldn't understand why one would enter a bike race and just hide hoping for a group finish or some kind of PR. I realize most are just trying to survive, but I still think it is chicken shit!
Small tactical error in Rist Canyon and on Mt Evans were the difference between my Top 5 and truly contesting the win!
Two races are big disappointments for me the first being Iron Horse classic Road Race and the Tour de Park City. It funny tacticaly they played out the same I got into a break away, shelled off the pretenders and then did something stupid to cost contending for the victory. I finished fifth in both races so I guess I shouldn't complain but the legs felt great in both and the tank was plenty deep enough. I ended both races feeling like I wasted good legs.
I like the idea of ending the racing season with a big/brutal event. This year I got into LOTOJA, I felt like I won the lottery when I got in. I was psyched and nervous I had never 150 miles(until TdPC) more or less 205, but was totally up for it. What a disappointment! The course is cool but the events bring out some really crappy behavior in people and some real horse shit tactics like attacking in feed zones.
I ended the season wanting some kind of redemption from LOTOJA, but I decided to pull the plug and rebuild. I hope the fire in my belly after LOTOJA keeps me warm on the long cold winter training rides. I always ride better pissed off anyways.

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