Monday, February 1, 2010


I thought I better get back in the habit of updating this thing. I't just a pain in the ass to come up with something witty or inspiring about a trainer ride or a gym workout. That said yesterday Keith, Laura and I road out to the test track and then Time Trial back. I just fucking suffered. My leg were shelled from the front squat/jump combo I did yesterday, and I don't like being in the time trial position anyway. I don't seem to generate much power from a closed hip position. I can't wait till the snow melts and I can start riding in the mountains again.
I am still waffling on my focus of the year do I want to try to become a better all around racer or still focus on races with just a ton of climbing. The easy way would be to just do what I am good at, but what is the fun of not evolving. Plus a we all know the path of least resistance is mined!


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